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Glossary of Cabinet Hinge Terms - Part 2

A style of hinge that can be mounted directed to the cabinet and the door without any mortises or special cuts being made into the wood surfaces.

A door which sit in front of the cabinet and covers or overlays a portion of the cabinet or face frame.

Pin Hinge
A hinge that pivots on a single point. Offers a very low profile as only the pivoting knuckle is visible from the outside of the cabinet.

Pivot Hinge
A concealed hinge for inset doors which uses a bushing placed into the horizontal cabinet members above and below the door, with a pin coming down from the hinge into the bushing.

Reverse Bevel
A door edge that is angled backwards allowing the door edge to serve as the pull. This gives a much simpler,cleaner looking design of cabinets.

Self Closing
This type hinge will have a design feature to help pull the door shut and keep it closed when the door is brought within a few inches of being closed. Sometimes called snap-closing.

This term is applied to a hinge where some of hinge shows on the outside of the cabinet, but a portion of it is hidden behind the door.

Slip On
A concealed type hinge where the two parts of the hinge are fastened together by slipping one half on the the other and then tightening a screw.

Snap Closing
This type of hinge will have a design feature to help pull the door in and keep it shut when the door is brought within a few inches of being closed. Sometimes called self-closing.

Soss Hinge
A specialty concealed hinge used for inset doors. Requires mortises into the door and cabinet for the bodies of both hinge halves.

Surface Mounted
A hinge that does not need a hole or mortise drilled in the door or cabinet in order to mount it. In a concealed hinge it simple mounts with screw. In an exposed hinge it also means the entire hinge will show on the outside of the door and cabinet.

Wrap Around
A style of hinge where the plates of the hinge are formed around the back edge of the door and/or the face frame. A partial wrap around hinge will wrap around the door and have a plain flat leaf for the cabinet so it can be used on a frameless cabinet. A full back-to-back wrap around hinge with wrap around on both halves of the hinge so it can be used on a face frame cabinet.

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