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Rockler's Recommended Sharpening System - Part 2

Sharpening System3. Tormek Sharpening System
Cost: Starting around $400
This is the Cadillac of sharpening systems — it's our favorite way to sharpen tools! A vertically mounted, slow turning wet grinding stone gives you absolute control over every phase of your edge grinding and honing. The quiet and vibration-free motor is well built and rated for continuous operation. Included with each system are a straight-edge jig for sharpening chisels and plane irons, a genuine leather honing wheel for producing razor-sharp edges, the 6th Edition Handbook, and a tube of honing compound. With additional honing guides and accessories you can make the Tormek system a virtually goof-proof method for producing razor-sharp edges every time.

Tormek sharpening is a significant advance in the process of edge tool sharpening. With the Tormek system, anybody can quickly and consistently sharpen edge tools to almost surgical sharpness. With the right accessory, all of your tools — even your radiused edge tools like your fingernail turning gouges, spoon-carving gouges, and oval skew chisels — can be sharpened to your exact, individual needs. Previously sharpened edges can be replicated in less than 60 seconds. For serious woodworkers, that means a lot less time sharpening, and more time woodworking!

Tormek Accessories included with the Tormek Sharpening System
Straight edge jig for plane irons
Universal support with micro adjust
Honing Compound 70 Grit (Tube)
Horizontal Base for Universal Support
Video on the Tormek Sharpening System
Pro Angle Master
Grinding stone

Additional Tormek Accessories (Sold Separately)
Planer/Joiner Blade Jig
Multi Jig
Long Knife Jig
Short Knife Jig
Stone Turning Tool
Short Tool Jig
Scissors Jig
Universal Gouge Jig
Turning Tool Jig
Stone Grader
Axe Grinding Jig

The Tormek Sharpening Method
With the Tormek system, a precision-made water stone rotates slowly and safely through a water reservoir to keep your tool cool as you sharpen and hone. The patented Angle Master enables you to set a precise edge angle. You simply steady the tool in a corresponding guide and let the Tormek do all the work. Because a very small amount of steel is removed, a sharp edge is produced quickly. Once you have ground your tool to the desired shape and edge angle, you can reproduce it exactly in future sharpening. This is even possible for “difficult” tools with unusual shapes. There is a guide or accessory available for virtually any type of tool (including knives and other household cutters), which makes Tormek one of the most versatile sharpening systems on the market. The grinding stone is precision balanced to retain perfect stability and water-cooled to ensure that your tool steel does not overheat and lose its hardness. After grinding an almost perfect edge, you can finish by honing it on the leather-honing wheel for a surgically polished edge. No need for messy, unsafe bench grinders or flying sparks. The Tormek method is a low speed and safe grinding and honing method that allows you to complete your initial grinding and final sharpening on the same stone.

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