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Making Your Own Custom Pen Without A Lathe

Making Your Own Custom Pen Without A Lathe

Making Your Pen

Making pens is very simple, inexpensive, and doesn't require much time. A great gift any time of the year.

A pen can be made in under an hour without a lathe using the technique below.

Ideally you would use a lathe and a turning set to turn pens, but not everyone has the space for a large tool, or they just simply can't afford one.

Tools and Materials Required:

1 - A saw or any tool that can cut through 1/2" material
2 - Drill Press & a 7 mm Drill Bit (24593- 7mm Metric Hex Shank Brad Point)
3 - Pen Blank
4 - Quick-Set Glue (67681 - CA Adhesive, Medium 2 oz.) & (67705 - Activator, 2 oz.)
5 - Pen Mill
6 - Mandrel & Bushings
7 - 7 mm Pen kit
8 - Sand Paper

Tools and MaterialsStep 1: Take a pen blank, and cut it in half using your typical miter saw and box. Or use whatever tool you have that can cut through a piece of 1/2'' material.
Tools and MaterialsStep 2: Drill a hole all the way through the center of both pieces lengthwise using a drill press and a 7 mm drill bit.
Pen blanks are basically just a strip of 5'' X 1/2'' X 1/2'' wood or corian. You can either cut your own out of 1/2'' stock, use pieces of scrap you have laying around in your shop, or buy precut blanks.

The advantage of buying precut blanks is that you have many varieties of woods to choose from that you may have a hard time finding in your area. It also gives you a chance to to experiment with different woods before you go all out and and invest a small fortune on a wood you know nothing about.
Tools and MaterialsStep 3: Sand the exterior of the brass tubes with 120 grit paper before gluing into the wood. This eliminates the oil from the brass tubes and allows for better bonding with the glue. Glue the brass tube that comes with your pen kit to the inside of each half of the blanks using Quick-Set Glue. Quick-Set Glue is easier and cleaner to use than epoxy glue.

This step can get messy. So you may want to wear a pair of gloves. As for the glue inside the tube, use a pen mill to clean the glue out. A pen mill also squares off the ends of your pen blanks to ensure a perfect fit when it comes time to assemble your pen.
Tools and MaterialsStep 4: Insert a pen mill into each of the blanks, and turn clockwise. Be sure to do both ends!



Tools you'll need for this project


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Free catalog


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