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Refacing Your Cabinetry

CabinetryA Simple Job

Refacing your cabinetry typically involves the replacement of doors and drawer fronts and the resurfacing of your cabinet faces to match. It's a simple process that can breathe a fresh new life into tired, old and outdated kitchens. Rockler's cabinet refacing program makes refacing a quick and simple job with the following three-step method.

Before You Begin!

Choose your hinges before you order or make new doors for your cabinets. The style of hinge that you choose will determine the size of doors you will need. Please read our article on hinges before proceeding.

Step #1: Choose Your New Door, Drawer Fronts & End Panels

Update your cabinetry by adding doors and drawer fronts that match the fit and finish of your existing cabinetry. You can make your own doors and drawer fronts, or have them custom-made through Rockler's Door and Drawer program. Old, broken down drawers can also be replaced entirely. With plenty of styles to choose from, buying them ready-made from Rockler's custom door and drawer program is an affordable alternative that can save lots of time and energy. If new doors and drawer fronts alone won't complete the job to your satisfaction, the option of refacing your existing surfaces' end panels and face frames is a great way to coordinate existing casework with your new doors and drawer fronts.

Note: Drawers that are in good condition may need only to have their drawer slides replaced. If the replacement of broken drawer slides is necessary, see Rockler's selection of Drawer Slides.

Step #2: Choose Your Refacing Alternative

Once you've selected your new door and drawer front styles, you can decide on a refacing alternative to match. Veneer and wood surfaces or Rigid Thermo Foil (RTF) laminate are Rockler's suggested refacing methods. For the look and feel of a wood surface, Rockler recommends Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) wood veneer and 3/16" plywood end panels. Door and drawer fronts of solid wood or matching PSA veneers are available in red oak, cherry, maple, ash, and hickory. Or, a matte white finish is also available in a durable RTF laminate on a solid MDF core. The advantages of each are listed below.

Advantages of Wood

Wood offers the beauty, elegance, depth and texture that can only come from a natural wooden surface. Wood covering can be easily installed with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) wood veneer that perfectly matches your doors and drawer fronts. PSA Veneers are self-adhering and offer "peel and stick" simplicity. Clean up goes fast because there are no messy glues or cements required. For extra durability around corners, solid wood are available. However, solid wood will require more work and expense. Plywood panel doors are a select grade with solid wood frames for a durable and lasting emplacement.

Advantages of RTF

RTF technology is a flexible and durable vinyl foil laminate that is pressure molded over a lasting substrate. A state-of-the-art laminating process creates a surface that is many times more rugged and hardier than paint or finish. It can be molded into a wide range of styles such as raised panel or cathedral arches. This is an excellent alternative for a durable and washable matte finish.

Step #3: The Refacing Process

Once you've completed the most difficult part of the project - that is, choosing the style of replacement doors and drawers want, measuring them and placing an order, the installation process can begin. See our informative guide to refacing for complete installation instructions.

Tools you'll need for this project


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