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Moving Appliances

Here's how to safely move your washer, dryer, range, refrigerator, or dishwasher -- whether across the room or across the country.

BasicsStart with the Basics

The first thing to consider is if you're ready for this job; many appliances are heavy, unwieldy items that require caution in moving. Don't try to do the job if you are at all uncomfortable about it; call in a professional. The first step in preparing any appliance for a move is to disconnect it from its power and water sources.

Some disconnections, such as natural gas lines, should be handled only by qualified technicians. Appliance sales and service stores, home centers, and moving companies can help you find someone qualified to do this kind of work.

One job you may be able to do is prepare the appliance for moving. After you or a service person has properly disconnected them, make sure your appliances are clean and dry.

If you're moving the appliances to a new home, on moving day load major appliances into the truck first. This ensures that the center of gravity will be closest to the driver, where it belongs. NOTE: If you don't have an appliance dolly to do this safely, you can rent one from truck rental companies, hardware stores, and home centers.

Also, check to see if you saved the appliance installation instructions that you'll need to reinstall the appliance. If not, call a local appliance dealer or the manufacturer for a new copy. You may also be able to find this information on the manufacturer's web site.

You'll also want to be prepared to protect the surfaces of appliances when you move them. Even simply moving an appliance in the remodeling process raises the possibility of scratching and denting. Especially when moving appliances from one home to another, be sure to have plenty of blankets and towels to protect the surfaces; also have stretch cords to hold the blankets in place.

The following suggestions for specific appliances are from Maytag:

Washing MachineWashing Machine

- Disconnect washer from electrical supply.
- Shut off the water supply and disconnect inlet hoses from their hot- and cold-water faucets, taking care not to lose the small piece of screening fitted in the end of each inlet hose. Have a bucket handy to catch water remaining in the hoses. Clean screen of sediment.
- Remove drain hose from the standpipe; empty drain hose of any remaining water.
- When you call the dealer for cartons, ask for the plastic shipping ring that fits inside the washer lid and holds the washer tub in place.
- Tape washer lid closed with several pieces of masking tape.

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