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Moving Appliances - Part 2

- Disconnect from power source. Move dryer away from the wall and disconnect venting material.
- If the dryer operates on gas, contact a gas technician to shut off gas and disconnect the gas line in accordance with local codes. On electric models, be sure you take the power cord with you. Tape door shut.
- Disassemble the venting system and clean it -- animals and insects are drawn to the warm air when the appliance is running and may have made a nest in opening.
- Remove any lint buildup. Be sure not to use any plastic venting or other combustible ductwork in your new home.

Kitchen Appliances

- Unplug the appliance and close the water shut off valves. Remove the lower access panel below the door to disconnect electric and water lines.
- Remove the lower access panel below the door to disconnect electrical connections, if you are comfortable doing this; otherwise, contact an appliance service company to do this work.
- Disconnect the water lines and drain line, keeping a towel and small bucket handy for water spillage.
- Open doors and unscrew the mounting brackets to free from countertop.
- Make sure all racks are empty, then latch door securely. Once the appliance is free of the cabinets, you may wish to use masking tape to ensure the door is secure.
- Bring leveling legs up into the appliance and pull dishwasher slowly from opening. To keep the appliance from damaging floor, tip the dishwasher back slightly, slip a large piece of cardboard under it, and gently slide the appliance out.

- Have a technician shut off gas and disconnect range from gas line and/or electrical power.
- Remove broiler pan and racks from oven; on gas range, remove surface grates. Clean storage drawer below.
- On ranges with standard gas burners, lift the top and secure burners to burner box support rod. On electric ranges, tape coil elements to the top of range.
- Remove or tape down all knobs. If a knob is stuck, insert a washcloth behind the knob to help dislodge it. Tape the oven door shut.

- Turn off the refrigerator according to the instructions, and unplug it. You may have to move it out slightly from the wall to do this.
- If you have a water dispenser, a plumber may be needed to disconnect it. If you want to attempt doing this yourself, be sure to carefully follow the instructions in your owner's manual.
- Empty all contents and clean the inside of the refrigerator, including all bins and racks.
- Thoroughly clean the outside and back of the appliance.
- Remove refrigerator handles only if the appliance doesn't fit through the door of your old or new home.
- Tape doors shut securely with masking tape or duct tape, and remove toe board.

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