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On Moving Day

This list will help you keep order amidst chaos.

With Pro Movers

- Before the van arrives, dispose of all flammable materials; movers won't carry them. Set aside especially valuable small items (such as jewelry, documents, money) to carry with you.

- Keep in mind that movers cannot be responsible for transporting pets, and might not accept plants.

- Be on hand when the movers arrive. It's important that someone be authorized to take your place if you are unable to be there.

- It is your responsibility to see that all your goods are loaded, so remain on the premesis until loading is completed. After making sure no items are left, check and sign the inventory. Keep your copy.

- Approve and sign the bill of lading. This states the terms and conditions of the move and is your receipt for the shipment.

- Be sure the driver has the exact address of your destination.

- Keep your telephone connected during moving day.

- Leave a note of your new address in the house so the new occupants can forward any stray mail.

If You're Moving Yourself

- Load major appliances first. This ensures that the center of gravity will be closest to the driver, where it belongs.

- Take your time packing the truck; a tightly packed load is your best guarantee that your belongings will come through the move unscathed. It's also a good idea to place the items you need least at the bottom of the truck.

- Stack lightweight, bulky items on top; mattresses and mirrors should be placed along the walls of the truck and tied securely.

At Your Destination

- Be present to accept the delivery. If you can't be there personally, appoint someone to accept the delivery. Call the moving company to alert them.

- Unless other arrangements are made, be prepared to pay the tab. The van driver is obligated, by law, to collect for charges upon delivery.

- Check your goods as they are unloaded. If anything is missing, note it on the inventory sheet. By signing the sheet, you are acknowledging receipt of all items listed.

- Keep all your documents relating to the move in a safe place. You will need them for verification of moving expenses when you fill your federal income tax returns.

- Check with the local post office for any mail being held, and begin delivery.

- Change locks.

- Make certain the utilities have been hooked up.

- Take a few minutes to relax. You've earned it!

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