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Feel at home right away with these tips for settling in at your new residence.

Inherent in any move, of course, are stresses and strains that can tire out even the most energetic families. It's important to designate a room in your new home where you can go to relax and unwind. When packing, set aside a few special items that are family favorites. They might be photo albums, special books, crafts done by family members, or favorite plants. Pack these items together in a separate carton labeled "Last in, first out."

When you arrive at your destination, choose one room to be your relaxation space. Clear it of clutter and unpacked boxes, and bring out some of those special belongings you set aside. Familiarizing your new surroundings in this way will put the whole family at ease.

Bring out your floor lamps and table lamps. Portable light sources can lend a cheerful quality to any room. Even if you have to set the table lamps on boxes, they'll still serve their purpose by diffusing the light in a warm, welcoming way.

Hang curtains or sheer panels on tension rods to get rid of that "living in a fishbowl" feeling, and to give you instant privacy. These rods are set within the window frame so you don't need to drill holes in the woodwork.

Set out -- and set up -- the kitchen basics. Life will be easier if the microwave oven, coffeepot, and toaster are working. Stock the refrigerator with beverages, snacks, and frozen dinners to ease the family through those first chaotic days.

Arrange your bath so you can find toiletries, and soap and towels for a relaxing bath or shower at the day's end.

Unpack some of your children's things. Everything doesn't have to be instantly in order, but kids will want to see that their treasures have arrived safely. Any semblance of being home will reassure your kids.

As you unpack boxes, throw away or recycle empty ones and move unopened ones into another room, where they can be out of sight and out of mind until their turn comes.

If you don't get all of the unpacking done in a day, don't worry -- you'll be settled in good time. It's more important that your move be enjoyable, a team effort involving the entire family. Set realistic goals, deciding what you can accomplish each day at a pace everyone can live with.

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