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In a Glaze - Part 3

Plastic wrapPlastic wrap can be bunched to apply or remove glaze. Or, apply larger sheets of it to wet glazed walls. It will adhere and wrinkle on contact. Peel it away to reveal markings that resemble plasterwork.




Plastic wrap

MittsMitts are alternatives to sponging or dabbing. They're one of a variety of tools found in crafts stores that help you apply pattern and texture easily and evenly.





Tips for Success

Tips for Success- For negative techniques, you'll need a semigloss or satin base coat (flat paint absorbs glaze, which isn't a problem for quick, positive techniques). For beginners, choose closely related base and glaze colors, such as a light and a dark blue. Stark contrasts are trickier to blend.


Closely related base
colors are easiest
to blend.

- Tape off the woodwork and ceiling. To avoid double layers of glaze in corners where tools might mark the opposing wall, tape around one wall, let it dry, then tape the edges of the wall you just did, and glaze the others.
- Mix enough glaze to do all the walls. Another batch may not match the color.

Tips for Success- Wear thin rubber gloves.
- For positive techniques, pour some mixed glaze into a shallow container, such as a plate or paint pan. Dab some glaze off the tool before you take it to the wall for light layers of soft color.


Negative applications
work best with an

- With negative applications, put a thin, even amount of glaze on the wall -- too much gets messy. This application works best with a helper: one person applies glaze while the other adds texture before it dries, keeping a wet edge. If you have to stop during this technique, finish the wall you're on to avoid dry edges and overlap marks. You can stop work on positive applications at any point.

Tips for SuccessWork in 2 to 3 foot sections so the glaze stays wet. Additives called extenders will lengthen open time (the time the glaze stays wet enough to work with once applied).
- If you make a mistake, dab over the area with base coat.
Dab over mistakes
with the base coat.

- Apply tools lightly; pressure leaves too much glaze and not enough pattern.
- Rotate your hand and tool for pattern variety.
- Read the container for mixing instructions and tips.

Pick Your ProductPick Your Product

Glazing products are sold in paint, art supply, and crafts stores, and through home centers. Many paint stores sell quarts and gallons of glazing liquid to mix with latex wall paint. The more paint you stir in, the darker the effect; the less paint you stir in, the lighter the effect.

In art supply and crafts stores, look for tinted glazing liquid -- you pick the color, pour it out, and start glazing.


Look for tinted glazing in art
supply and crafts stores.

Also look for glazing systems that let you purchase a bucket of glaze, then mix in colorant. The colorants come in small bottles costing only a few dollars and are good for experimenting. Be sure to read the label to determine how much area a container or batch will cover.

Glazing is a good value because it offers lots of coverage per gallon and per dollar. For $20 to $30, you generally can get a couple of colors to experiment with, plus enough untinted glaze for most any project.

The other supplies you'll need -- rags, glazing tool(s), and the brushes you select -- come in all shapes and quantities. Explore your local paint-supply or crafts store.

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