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Decorative Painting Primer - Part 2

Hand-Painted Vertical Stripes

Skill Level: Beginner

Time (not including painting base coat): 1 day


- Paint for base coat
- Paint for stripes
- Level with a printed ruler
- 2- or 3-inch paint brush
- Colored pencil that matches the stripes paint color
- Blue painter's tape, or another quick-release masking tape


Yellow stripes add height to this
small bathroom.

1. Tape off moldings, trim and ceiling. Choose your colors and stripe widths. The colors may contrast or be differing values of the same color (such as light and dark blue). The rule of thumb for stripe width is the larger the room, the larger the stripes can be.

2. Start at the top of the wall and make a series of measurement marks moving horizontally across the top. In this project, the stripes are 6 inches wide with 4 inches between each. If you want to avoid a stripe around a corner, it's acceptable to fudge your measurements a bit. Or, you can allow the stripe to wrap around the corner, depending on your preference.

Supplies3. When the measurements are completed, use a level to draw lines from ceiling to floor. (You can also snap a chalk line.) Draw lines lightly with a colored or hard-lead pencil. Protect the moldings and trim with painter's masking tape.




Supplies4. For a charming, hand-painted look, simply paint the stripes on the wall without taping them off. Start at the edges of the stripe and fill in. It works best to start at the top and paint in about 12-inch sections. If necessary, apply a second coat after the first is thoroughly dry.

If you use painter's tape, remove it while paint is still wet.


Rolling & Ragging

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time (not including painting base coat): 1 day

Rolling & RaggingSupplies

- Three flat paint colors within the same family on the color chart
- Two small paint rollers (available in the decorative paint aisle of the crafts store)
- Two paint trays and liners
- Blue painter's tape, or another quick-release masking tape
- Bucket and stir stick for diluting paint
- Soft cotton rags
- Latex or rubber gloves

Roll & Rag adds interesting texture
to standard walls.

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