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Focal-Point Walls - Part 2

Squared AwaySquared Away

Fashion the look of framed modern art and dress up your mantel at the same time. Three bold color blocks do the trick. This design also works well over a headboard or sideboard.




The illusion of modern art is an
inventive project.

What You Need:
- Acrylic paints in three colors (we used tan, blue, and white)
- Paint rollers and trays
- Tape measure
- Carpenter's level
- White colored pencil
- Painter's tape
- Compass or dinner plate
- Cardboard form or Frisket Film
- Sponge
- Dishwashing detergent or shampoo

Squared AwayInstructions:

1. Paint base coat. Paint all walls tan; let dry.

2. Measure fireplace mantel. Measure to the center of the fireplace mantel. Using a level and colored pencil, draw three level squares centered and evenly spaced above the mantel. Our 16-inch squares are 8 inches above the mantel and spaced 2 inches apart.

Photo 1

3. Mark squares with tape. Tape off each square. Paint each end square white and the middle square blue (see Photo 1); remove tape; let dry.

Squared Away4. Create design. With a level and colored pencil, draw a square within each end square, leaving a 2-inch border. Tape off and paint blue using paint roller (see Photo 2).

5. Select patterns and allow for border. Use a compass or dinner plate to draw a circle on a cardboard form or Frisket Film. Use the form as a pattern to transfer the circle to the middle square, leaving a 2-inch border at sides, top, and bottom. Paint the circle white; let dry.

Photo 2

6. Wash lines away. Wash colored pencil lines with a sponge and dishwashing detergent or shampoo.

Squared Away7. Touch up. Touch up bleeding spots with appropriate color.

8. Speedy stencil option: To create quick custom stencils such as the circle shown above the mantel (see Photo 3), use Frisket Film from a crafts store. This vinyl film cuts cleanly and has an adhesive back. Simply trace your shape onto the Frisket and cut out with a crafts knife to create your stencil. Press stencil to wall, paint, then peel off.

Photo 3

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