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To begin

Layers of paint and a dash of bronzing powder will give your piece the look of aged copper.

VerdigrisYou'll need:

- a wooden surface that has been sanded smooth, then wiped clean with a tack cloth
- acrylic crafts paints in black, dark blue-green, medium blue-green, and light blue-green
- small sections of natural sea sponge
- small containers for mixing paints
- water
- copper bronzing powder
- dust mask, safety goggles, and disposable gloves
- sponge brushes
- low-tack painter's tape (for masking off areas)
- copper metallic paint
- paper plate

Verdigris1. Paint your wooden surface black; let dry. Dilute each paint color with a small amount of water, stirring until it's the consistency of milk. Dampen the sponges with warm water and wring them dry.


2. Dip a sponge into the dark blue-green and blot it onto a paper plate. Sponge-paint the surface of your project so that very little of the base coat shows through. Before it dries, sponge paint on the medium blue-green, allowing just a little of the base and first paint color to show through. Repeat the process with the light blue-green.

VerdigrisFinishing Touches

3. While the paint is still wet, use a clean, damp sponge to blend the colors using a straight up and down blotting motion. Keep blotting the paint until it looks smooth but uneven.

Verdigris4. While the paint is still wet, put on your safety goggles, gloves, and a dust mask. Pour a small amount of bronzing powder into your hand and gently flick the powder onto the wet paint. Then, with a dry paint brush, blend the powder into the wet paint.

Verdigris5. Before it dries, add bronzing powder to the two darker colors of blue-green paint. Add a little water and stir to blend. Using a sponge for each, squeeze the bronzed paint over the project so that streaks run down. Using a clean sponge, blot the surface to even out the streaks. Let the paint dry.

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