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Wall Stenciling

With the wide variety of stencils available, you're sure to find a design that suits your style.

Wall StencilingFor an interesting room accent, use the stencil to make a border. Or, position your stencil to create an overall design on the wall.



Three simple steps achieve this
amusing border.

What You Need:
- Precut stencils
- Liquid acrylic or cream paints
- Natural-bristle stencil brushes
- Spray stencil adhesive
- Level measure
- Hard lead pencil
- Paper plates or paper towels

Wall StencilingInstructions:
1. Mark a very light baseline or registration line on your wall using a level and a hard lead pencil. Spray the back of the stencil with stencil adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions. Press the stencil into place, sealing the edges to the wall.

Step 1

Wall Stenciling2. Touch your brush to the paint's surface and vigorously tap the brush onto the paper plate or paper towels, removing most of the paint from the brush. Then, using a tapping motion, paint completely around the inside edge of a design. Pick up more paint as needed.

Step 2

3. To color in the center of the design, pull in paint from the painted edge, still using the tapping motion. This will create subtle shading. When the designs are all filled in, lift the stencil from the wall and reposition it for the next set of designs. Erase the registration lines with a soft art eraser or paint over them.

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