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How to Sell Your Home - Part 2

Merchandising Your Home
- As you prepare your home to be shown to prospective buyers, you must look at your home through a buyer's eyes.
- Unclutter all areas of your home to create an impression of spaciousness.
- Clean everything thoroughly. Ask a friend to help you assess your efforts -- especially in sensitive areas such as odor removal.
- Neutralize your home by making improvements in neutral colors.

In the Yard
- Keep the lawn well-trimmed and edged. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed.
- Put away lawn equipment, toys, and other outdoor items. Stack firewood neatly.
- Repair and paint or stain fences.
- Check exterior surfaces. Make repairs, clean, or paint as needed.
- Clean, paint, and repair or realign gutters.
- Fix broken windows and screens, then wash.
- Wash down the exterior of the house, driveway, and sidewalks. Fix holes in pavement.
- Check the roof and repair loose shingles, or flashing.
- Make sure the entry light and doorbell work. Replace house numbers and welcome mat as needed. Paint, stain, or clean the door if needed.
- Brighten your landscaping with moveable, potted flowers.

In the Home
- Discard all unused items to reduce clutter.
- Arrange clothes neatly in closets. Store a limited amount of items on the floor and overhead shelves.
- Leave kitchen countertops as clear as possible. Clean and organize cupboard interiors.
- Check walls for smudges, chipped paint, and torn or loose wallpaper. Make repairs and paint surfaces in neutral colors.
- Clean and organize the basement, attic, and garage.
- Launder window treatments and carpets. Replace worn, stained, or smelly carpeting.
- Tighten loose doorknobs, switch plates, cabinets, drawer pulls, and the like.
- Fix sticking doors and windows, and squeaking floors and steps.
- Fix leaky faucets, and remove water stains.
- Repair or clean caulking on tubs and sinks.
- Replace all lights with higher-wattage bulbs and open all drapes.
- Arrange furniture to give an impression of spaciousness in each room.

When Your Home Is Shown
- Turn on all your lights, including the outside entrance, even during the daytime.
- Turn off the TV.
- Ask a friend to keep pets, especially during your open house.
- Put out fresh flowers, your best towels, a nice tablecloth, and other accessories.

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