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Preparing for an Open House

Before the open house begins, you'll need to look objectively at your home from a buyer's perspective.

Remember, first impressions count, so you'll want to do things that'll enhance your home's perceived value. Rearrange furniture to make a room appear larger, and concentrate your efforts on key areas, such as the kitchen, family room, and bedrooms.

Make your Home Inviting
- Identify areas that require minor repairs, cleaning up, or improving.
- Keep the kitchen sink free of dishes and the rooms uncluttered.
- Clear countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. Store unused items in a closet or cabinet.
- Arrange storage areas neatly; buyers will look inside.
- Put away lawn equipment and gardening tools. Neatly arrange outdoor items such as firewood or furniture.
- To give your home a pleasant aroma, bake cookies or bread, burn candles or potpourri, boil a pot of cinnamon sticks, and/or put a dab of vanilla on cold light bulbs before turning them on.
- Grind a piece of lemon or other citrus fruit in your garbage disposal to eliminate lingering food odors.
- Turn off the television and radio.
- Ask a friend to care for your pets or take them to the kennel.

Decorate your Home to Sell
- Arrange the furniture so the rooms look as spacious as possible.
- Add color and fragrance to any room with fresh flowers.
- Put a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen.
- Display fresh towels and guest soaps in each bathroom.
- Put new logs in the fireplace.
- Set your dining room table with color-coordinated place mats and table settings.
- Put out a new doormat.
- Open drapes and pull up shades.
- Replace light bulbs with the highest-wattage bulbs your fixtures will allow. Turn on the lights to make rooms seem brighter and larger.

Staging a Successful Open House
- If you are working with a real estate agent, plan to be gone during the open house so that prospective buyers will discuss your home openly with your agent. If you can't leave, let your agent do the talking. He or she can discuss price, terms, possession and other factors, as well as handle objections or questions.
- Be polite to prospective buyers but avoid conversations.
- Don't apologize for the appearance of the condition of your home. You may be calling attention to things the buyer had overlooked.
- Don't complicate the sale of the home by tacking on drapes, furniture, rugs, etc. If the buyers want these things, they can ask you for them.

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