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Preparing Your House for Sale - Part 2

Windows & WallsWindows & Walls

Clean your interior and exterior windows and screens. Repair cracked panes, torn screens, broken sashes and ropes or cords as well. When your home is being shown, open your curtains to let daylight in, especially if the view is noteworthy.

While you're at it, wash all the mirrors in the house too. Launder or dry-clean curtains and drapes.

Repairs any cracks or holes in the walls and ceiling, and repaint if necessary. Strip outdated wallpaper.

Floors & LightingFloors & Lighting

Carpeting has a major impact on the look of a home. Vacuum thoroughly or have it steam-cleaned. If it is badly worn, outdated or stained, consider having it replaced, despite the expense. Pull up any carpet that is outdated or worn. Check wood floors to see if they need to be refinished. Scrub and wax tile floors, and repair or replace cracked tiles.

Make sure light fixtures, switches, switchplates, and outlet covers are clean and in good working order.

Exterior Touch-UpsExterior Touch-Ups

It's true that first impresssions are often lasting. So take a good look at the paint on the outside of your house. Is it cracking, peeling or chipping?

If it is, a fresh coat for your exterior may cost you a bit of time and money but may elevate your home from "fixer-upper" to "move-in condition."

If you decide your home needs painting, choose colors that are appropriate for the style of your home and that blend in well with your neighborhood.

Buyers will pay close attention to the condition of your roof. Repatch or reshingle where necessary, and fix leaky, corroded downspouts and gutters. Inside, a watermarked ceiling is a sign to buyers that the roof has leaked -- even if the damage has been repaired.

Shingle Repairs
Roofing Materials Guide

A neat and clean entryway creates a positive first impression. A freshly-painted door and trim with sturdy hardware add a welcome touch. Replace faded house numbers with new ones. Make sure the doorbell is in working order.

User-Friendly Front Entries
Exterior Motives

Better Homes and Gardens



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