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What Will it Cost to Relocate? - Part 2

Insurance Rates Vary

There are huge regional differences in insurance rates, and for several reasons: Insurance companies and state regulations may be different, and some areas -- such as those prone to flooding or packed with expensive homes -- are more expensive to insure than others. The more populated your area, the higher your auto insurance costs will be.

Transportation Can Add Up

In the nation's big cities, the cost of train fares, parking, and bus tokens can pull hundreds of dollars out of your monthly budget. A small-town commute, on the other hand, can be a short walk or bike ride. Gasoline prices can vary widely from one place to the next. And if you're moving into an expensive part of the country, remember that everyone there charges what it takes to afford their own lives. So you can expect your new mechanic to charge more than your old one did for the same oil change.

Can You Still Find the Tacos You Love?

Comparing food costs from one area to another isn't a simple matter of pricing hamburger by the pound. The food you like best might not even be available, or at least not at a cost you can afford. If possible, take a shopping trip to your target area, or ask somebody who lives there to price your favorite foods for you.

Lifestyle differences can affect your food budget, too. If you're moving to an area with many high-priced restaurants and an active nightlife, you might be tempted to spend more on eating out and less on home cooking than you would in your current home.

"Free Time" Has Its Price, Too

How do you and your family spend your free time, and what will it cost to pursue those interests in a new location? Some communities have inexpensive youth sports leagues, swimming pools, skating rinks, and more, but in other areas those facilities are more limited. You might have to join an expensive club just to get tee time or a reliably-available tennis court.

Will a move take you far away from dear friends and family? If you envision keeping in touch to a great extent -- frequent phone calls, flying back to spend vacations with loved ones -- be sure to allow for the additional costs.

Get Rough Estimates From the Internet

You can do a quick-and-dirty estimate on the Internet, where cost-of-living calculators abound. But remember, these are very general figures that won't take your specific housing situation or special needs into account.

-'s moving section provides you with a slew of calculators and resources, including a quick-and-easy salary calculator.
- Monstermoving offers cost-of-living databases for 500 American cities, as well as comparative data for real estate prices and taxes.
- Relocation Central is a complete source of relocation information, including state directories for everything from apartments to churches to utilities.
- Runzheimer International, an international relocation company, provides detailed information and data for a fee.

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