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Whole House Remodeling: Steps and Costs - Part 2

What About Costs?
Remodeling from top to bottom, or adding a substantial two-story addition, for example, are expensive undertakings. You can keep things under control, however, if you keep on track.

"People don't understand costs," Mavrakis says. "It's because we're a hush-hush society regarding money. Be up front with your budget. Share what you can afford. I compare remodeling with car shopping. If you can only afford a Ford Escort, you don't test-drive a Lincoln Continental, do you?"

Mavrakis adds, "Some people try to cut costs by acting as their own general contractor, too. Sometimes this works, but more often it doesn't -- especially if the homeowner works full time. With a general contractor (or other professional), you can get something that's really solid, really beautiful."

Investment Values
"A lot of clients ask, 'Will I get my money back?' We tell them if that's a big concern, contact a [real-estate agent] for some advice before starting a whole-house remodeling project," Mavrakis says. "Or find a contractor who's been in the business in your city for a long time. He'll know if your house, in your neighborhood, warrants a big-scale remodel.

To help you gauge the cost of a whole-house redo, consider the research included in the November 1999 issue of Remodeling magazine. This trade publication's annual "Cost vs. Value Report" compared costs in 60 cites to build a 16x24-foot two-story addition over a crawlspace. The first flour housed a family room with a prefabricated fireplace, and the second floor included a bedroom with a 5x8-foot bathroom outfitted with modest amenities. The project included 11 windows, an exterior door, and a new heating and cooling system to handle the additional square footage.

Nationwide, the 768-square-foot addition cost an average of $73,553 or $95.77 per square foot. The average return was 62 percent ($45,910) of the investment if the house sold the following year.

Whether you're gutting the interiors or adding multiple levels, your whole-house remodeling budget will depend on many factors. Just keep in mind that it's best not to remodel your house out of the property value range of your neighborhood.

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