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Home Plan Checklist - Part 2

What configuration appeals to you?

This is really a two-part decision. You may love the thought of a split-level or a ranch, or a raised ranch home. On your drives, you'll be looking for appealing examples of your favorites.

But have you considered whether your proposed location will work with that type of plan? Many one-story plans require a wide lot. The typical split-level house settles best onto a lot that slopes from side to side. If you are thinking about a walkout or daylight basement, you should be looking for a lot that slopes down in back.

Finally, bear in mind that challenging sites -- the boulder-strewn outcrop or postage-stamp size city lot -- may mandate a house with a small "footprint."

Interior Monologues

MonologuesYou probably can't hope to tour the inside of several hundred homes, but you can take virtual tours by browsing home plans you see in books, magazines, and Web sites. Here are some issues to think about as you look at home plans.



Does the plan address your basic needs?

Most of us have a pretty good feel for how many bedrooms we'll need (both now and as our family might grow). We also might know that we like a formal dining room and a place to pursue a hobby. Start with plans that meet these basic needs. In most instances, it is far less expensive to begin with a plan that meets those most basic needs, rather than to start customizing a plan that isn't quite right.

Don't forget to consider the stuff you have now. A king-size bed won't easily fit into a 9x12-foot bedroom. If necessary, use paper cutouts to trial-fit your must-keep (or want-to-get) furniture.

Do you like the plan's style?

Some plans are wide open, with vistas from dining room to kitchen to living room. Others are closed and cozy, with each room walled off from the others. There is no right or wrong approach, only the approach that works for you. This is another instance where your best bet is to tour a variety of homes. Better yet, consider what you like and dislike about your current home and use that as a guide.

Better Homes and Gardens



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