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Master Suite Options - Part 2

Master Suite "It is critical with main-level master suites that you get the most you possibly can out of the house footprint," says Dennis Delap, a real estate agent with Goggins Real Estate Agency in Northampton, Massachusetts. "You must really think carefully about what space you actually need and how to maximize the use of space you build."

Knowing what spaces to downsize or sacrifice requires a lifestyle assessment. Are your tastes more formal or informal? What type of entertaining do you do? In what rooms do you spend the most time? Can you do without a formal dining or living room. "Even though they say they really won't use the formal dining room much, some people just can't give it up," Delap says. "They'd rather give up the living room."

Another approach is to combine spaces. An obvious tactic is to combine the kitchen with a single, all-purpose dining area. This can create a homey country-style kitchen that works well with today's informal lifestyles. "Almost everyone wants a nice, big kitchen," Delap says. Concerns about eating within sight and sound of a messy kitchen can be addressed with good design strategies that deftly hide the mess behind high counters, low walls, and obscured lines of sight.

For those who would like a more contained kitchen, another option is to merge the formal living and dining rooms. Although not separated by walls, the dining area could be set off by the use of a higher ceiling, different flooring, or the furniture placement. One advantage of this approach is that, during large gatherings, the dining table could be extended into the living area.

Two-story vaulted or cathedral ceilings within main-level rooms are a common but ineffective use of surplus space on the upper level. "The most successful two-story spaces I have seen incorporate some type of loft space," observes Mike Guertin, a builder and remodeler in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. "Without lofts, the proportions of many two-story spaces can be awkward." Lofts soften the effect of high ceilings, and can be used as reading, play, or computer areas.

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