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Nylon Carpets

Nylon Carpets

Nylon is the most frequently used fiber in carpeting today. Nylon was introduced in 1938 by Dupont and started our modern era of synthetic fibers. The use of nylon in carpeting has undergone several modifications before reaching the quality we have today. There are many manufacturers of nylon fiber for carpeting, and most of them have a premium brand of nylon. Given the heavy demand for nylon carpeting, we've listed the best nylon branded carpets near the end of this article.



Stainmaster - This is Dupont's entry branded fiber. It provides superior resiliency, outstanding fade resistance, superior stain resistance, permanent anti-static control, and is protected by soil-resistant Dupont Teflon.

Stainmaster XtraLife - Same as Stainmaster except it is heavier and better built. This fiber is for heavier traffic in the home.

Stainmaster Grand Luxura - Same as Stainmaster except it is heavier and more luxurious. This is also designed for high traffic areas of the home.

Stainmaster Tactesse - Introduced in 2000, this fiber is extremely durable and yet feels more like soft cotton. Check out the newest styles in the Tuftex and Gulistan sections or browse Fiber/Stainmaster Tactesse.


Wear Dated Freedom - Solutia's entry-level branded fiber. It is durable, stain resistant, soil resistant, and static treated. It is usually designed for no more than medium traffic in the home.

Wear-Dated II - Probably the most-used fiber in the industry for textured Saxony products. It is extremely durable, stain and soil resistant, and is permanently anti-static. This product has been in the market for years and is a true workhorse.


Anso Choice - Honeywell's entry-level branded fiber. It is durable, stain resistant, soil resistant and static treated. It is usually designed for medium traffic in the home.

Anso Crushresister III - One of the best values in the industry. It is extremely durable and stain resistant, and it is treated for soil protection. This fiber system locks in the twist and really lends itself to the Frieze styles in our industry. These styles will look the best for the longest.

Anso Crushresister TLC - The TLC stands for Twist Lock Control. This fiber is created for staple yarns and the process really locks in the yarn bundle. It has a little softer feel than the Crushresister III and looks good in Cut Berber styles, Cables, and Textured.

These are the main branded nylons in the market today. Branded yarns are good but make sure you also include construction and twist in your decision.

Most manufacturers now offer performance test data on their products. For a true comparison on each styling, compare the twist, weight, and fiber. Remember, twist is your best friend here. It is the single most important factor in performance, especially in any cut construction products. You lose some hand, but your carpet will take the traffic better. Use a 4.5 twist for heavier traffic and go up from there for better performance and texture retention.



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