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Problems Caused By Wet Carpet Cleaning Methods

Problems Caused By Wet CarpetSoap and Water - Detergent Residue Beware of wet methods that use HOT water
Wet carpet cleaning methods, including some that claim that they are "residue free" and some that have the word "dry" in their name can leave soap residue in carpet. Soap residue will attract new soil.

After carpet is cleaned with a wet carpet cleaning method the water evaporates from the cleaning solution and the detergent dries and re-crystallizes within and throughout carpet fibers. During the drying time, (2 hours to 6 days), the water (H20) evaporates from the "cleaning solution" and the detergent remains. Detergent residue can attract new soil, trigger rapid re-soiling and cause carpets to "ugly-out" and become matted down. Simply put, detergent residue (soap) attracts new soil. Relevant Report: C.Family of San Clemente,CA

Why Spots "Return" Please Read SLOWLY
Detergent residue and soap from wet carpet cleaners! Most wet carpet cleaner cast the blame for returning spots on "wicking", sometimes referred to as wick-back. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of "wicking" is usually nothing more than a scripted excuse used by professional carpet cleaners to get out of the responsibility of leaving soap to dry in carpet. Again, spots do not mysteriously reappear. Rather, it is soap residue that attracts new soil. Meet our chemist

160-200 Fahrenheit Is HOT - The Removal of Stain & Crush Resistant Materials Hot water can dilute and/or remove valuable stain resistant materials in addition to crush resistant properties from carpet. Beware of wet methods that claim they remove dirt with extreme temperature without detergents.

Health, Allergies, Mold And Carpet Cleaning
Steam cleaning can force water to gain access to carpet padding. This is not only disgusting, but wet carpet can (in some rare cases) be hazardous to ones health. High levels of humidity stimulates growth of mold.

Dr. Don C. Atkins



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Comment from: Mark [Visitor]
You obviously know very little about hot water extraction, modern cleaning chemistry, or carpet cleaning in general for that matter.

Please take an IICRC class and quit spreading rumors and using scare tactics in your marketing.

Nothing wrong with VLM cleaning methods (Very Low Moisture) as I employ them in my cleaning business. A true professional offers more than one method. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and a trained, skilled tech will know when and where to use each. Each method is only as good as the technician performing the work.
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