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A client testimonial

I must say that my carpet was beyond filthy. We've had two married couples, three teenagers and two babies living in our 1400 square foot home for the past year and a half and my new carpet looked horible and beyond cleaning.

I had heard radio advertisements for 1-800-DRYCARPET Carpet Cleaning and was interested because of the testamonials I'd heard. So I wanted to give them a try.

It was a little challenging getting scheduled with my schedule but DRYCARPET hung in there with me and after a little phone tag we got the big day on the calender. That was about a month ago. I purposely waited 30 days before posting my report because I wanted to see how the cleaning stood the test of time. You know how stains seem to re-appear a few weeks after the carpet is cleaned. Well I have to say that I a couple of small ones have, But considering the bad, bad, bad condition of my carpet b4 the cleaning I'm not surprised and am still very impressed.
My favorite thing is that the carpet feels clean. There is no feeling of residue from left behing chemicals. Usually the carpet feels weird after a cleaning and with Swedry it feels new. I am planning to purchase some of the cleaning products so that I can work on the spots and alos because I still have a baby crawling around so spit-up stain are still and issue. I could not be more pleased and most definatly will always use Swedry (sweed-dry) on my carpet.

Hi Karen, today's date is 8/14/03 and our data base tells me that your home in Riverside received 1-800-DRYCARPET service on 7/21/2003.

I appreciate that you waited over 1 month to post your report. And, perhaps those that read your report here will also understand the significance and value of your delayed report.

Thank you again for taking time out of your day to post your report.

1-800-DRYCARPET™karenerickson is customer number: 3645

Karen Ericson



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