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Household Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine - Part 2

A note about spots that seem to reappear on their own: Spots do not break the law of gravity and return on their own, rather it is detergent residue that attracts new soil. More

5. Vacuum/remove Swedry® Carpet Cleaner:
Any household vacuum cleaner will work perfectly with regard to removing our ORGANIC product. Allow Swedry® Carpet Cleaner to dry (10-20 minutes) before vacuuming. It is okay to leave Swedry® in carpet for up to 3 days.

After vacuuming (removing the used Swedry® product) you may notice a small trace of product is still remaining in your carpet. This is normal and is not harmful. Swedry® Carpet Cleaner will continue to absorb new soil for up to 3 days. Swedry® will be removed from your carpet after a few of your routine vacuum cleanings. G1 Vacuum by SEBO®.

Swedry® cannot clog any type of vacuum cleaner. Swedry® Carpet Cleaner brightens color ... restores luster ... helps rugs wear better ... stay clean longer!

Household Dry Carpet Cleaning MachineState-of-the-art motor delivers high performance.
The motor is precision crafted in Germany by A.E.G., the manufacturer trusted by professional building contractors. This high-performance motor lets you clean even the dirtiest carpets with ease.

High impact plastic increased lightness and durability.
Made from the same high-impact plastic used in football helmets, the injection-molded plastic housing makes the machine lightweight and more durable than machines with fragile vacuum-formed housings. Nearly $1 million was invested in engineering and molding this Dry Cleaning Machine to meet customer's needs.

Thoughtful engineering produces a safer, quieter machine.
The Dry Cleaning Machine is double insulated for maximum operator safety, and it's engineered for quiet operation, eliminating the need to buy a muffler.

Herringbone brush design cleans all types of carpets.
Custom designed brushes clean many types of carpet gently and effectively. Unlike standard row-pattern brushes, they eliminate the need for frequent brush changes. Plus, each brush cleans more than one million square feet before replacement.

The affordable dry system for routine carpet cleaning and spotting. Two 12 inch cylindrical brushes counter rotate at 400 rpm to work Swedry® Carpet Cleaner through carpet fibers to absorb the dirt and spots. 40 ft cable. Handle mounted on/off switch. Convenient spotting brush with clip. 90 degree swivel joint provides easy access. High impact ABS plastic housing.

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