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Swedry® Household Dry Carpet Cleaning directions

Carpet Cleaning directionsDirections - How to dry clean your carpet
1. Vacuum area to be cleaned.
2. Pre-clean / remove stains.
3. Apply dry carpet cleaner.
4. Brush with dry carpet cleaning machine.
5. Vacuum / remove dry carpet cleaner.

1. Thoroughly vacuum all areas to be cleaned: Before you vacuum,
check bag and belts to ensure optimum vacuum performance.

2. Use Swedry® ACCELERATOR™ to remove challenging stains:
Use ACCELERATOR™ to remove difficult stains such as; ink, red dyes,
petroleum or grease. Follow directions on label or read them now. Spray a
light mist of Swedry® ACCELERATOR™ to traffic areas and on areas that
are overly soiled (overly soiled areas usually means that there is a lot of
dried detergent residue left behind by so-called 'dry' methods and/or by
steam cleaning methods). Pre-cleaning with Swedry® aids in reactivating
dried detergent residue that may be residing within and throughout carpet
fiber due to professional steam cleaning and other cleaning services and/or
from household spot cleaners. In addition, our pre-cleaning step prepares
carpet for Swedry® DRYCARPET™ Carpet Cleaning (extraction). Swedry®
ACCELERATOR™ is a high quality anionic formula and will not leave dirt
attracting residue.

3. Apply Swedry® Carpet Cleaner (DRY powder): How much product to
put down on the carpet depends on prevailing soil conditions. One (1LBS) canister of Swedry® Carpet Cleaner will clean somewhere between 25-50
square feet
, depending on prevailing soil conditions.

4. Brush Swedry® Carpet Cleaner using Dry Carpet Cleaning
: It is important to take your time with this step as it is the most
important step. Using the machine, brush Swedry® Carpet Cleaner slowly in
a north/south then east/west direction and again in a easy/west direction.
Re-apply more product and re-brush in abused or detergent residue areas.
It is also important to take your time brushing where you know household
liquid spot cleaners, rental carpet cleaning wet methods have been
previously used as Swedry® will absorb and remove a portion of such dried
soap residue. In some extreme cases you may want to re-clean areas that
have been "over cleaned" 2-3 times in an attempt to remove dried detergent

A note about spots that seem to reappear on their own: Spots do not
break the law of gravity and return on their own, rather it is detergent
residue that attracts new soil.

5. Vacuum/remove Swedry® Carpet Cleaner: Any household vacuum
cleaner will work perfectly with regard to removing our ORGANIC product.
Allow Swedry® Carpet Cleaner to dry (10-20 minutes) before vacuuming. It
is okay to leave Swedry® in carpet for up to 3 days.
After vacuuming (removing the used Swedry® product) you may notice a
small trace of product is still remaining in your carpet. This is normal and is
not harmful. Swedry® Carpet Cleaner will continue to absorb new soil for up
to 3 days.

Swedry® will be removed from your carpet after a few of your
routine vacuum cleanings.

Swedry® cannot clog any type of vacuum cleaner. Swedry® Carpet Cleaner
brightens color ... restores luster ... helps rugs wear better ... stay clean

Dr. Don C. Atkins1



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