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Tufted Carpet Styles

Use this chart for a look at and description of today's tufted carpet styles.

Frieze - Tightly twisted yarns in higher density. Frieze is the best performing style in a cut fiber construction for texture retention. This style is becoming very popular today, as customers are demanding performance. This style is now available in many different weights, solid colors, fleck colors and multi-tones. Considered casual or informal, it's a great style for high-traffic areas of the home.

Textured - Well-twisted yarns with a crimp give the pile a textured look. Carpets of this style can be used in moderate, medium or heavy traffic areas depending on the twist. Heavy traffic should use at least a 4.5 twist and be above 40 oz. in tufted face weight. Textured carpets offer a middle-of-the-road style that can be dressed up or down, with the homeowner's furnishings providing the design aesthetic for the room.

Cable - Cable carpets use well-twisted, heavier yarns that are usually tufted in a more casual construction. They are good for medium traffic areas, but there is a new cable yarn from Anso Crushresister TLC that will perform in heavier traffic areas. Offering cutting-edge style, cable carpets accentuate casual lifestyles where warmth and comfort are essential.

Cut/Uncut - These carpets are offered in both loop pile and cut pile. They can be styled with geometric patterns or a subtle scroll look. They are great where "traffic lanes" could potentially be worn in a carpet. More than the "old fashioned" look of the '60s carpets, today's versions of cut/uncut carpeting can be elegant.

Commercial Cut Pile
Commercial Cut Pile - These commercial carpets are usually offered in solid colors with a little more formal look. Used primarily in upscale office and professional buildings, their use in residential applications is increasing due to their durability and wide range of colors.

Cut Pile Berber
Cut Pile Berber - These products are usually cut pile with a large yarn bundle. They have a fleck color system that helps hide wear, and offer a more comfortable look and feel to the Berber customer. For extra-heavy traffic, we offer the same looks in many brands using frieze twisted yarns. Look for the fleck colors in the frieze products.

Cut Pile Saxony - Similar to commercial cut pile or velvet cut pile, these carpets have a little more tuft definition and are not as smooth. They are not textured, but have some unevenness to the finish.

Sisal - Sisal carpets are usually twisted yarns in a loop pile construction. A style borrowed from authentic grass/woven sisals of native cultures, they are ordinarily tighter than a Berber and are offered in both nylon and olefin. The nylons in this category are better for heavier traffic and are available in both solid and fleck colorations. Sisals are becoming more popular every year. If you're looking for luxurious comfort or softness underfoot, this style may not be for you.

Velvet Cut Pile - This style offers a very fine finished cut pile with a small yarn bundle to create a formal, elegant style that can turn your room into a showplace. Its finish has almost a razor-shaved look that leaves signature footprints and vacuum marks.

Shag - A large yarn bundle with a longer tuft in a casual construction offers a return from decades past. Once again, though, it's considered a cutting-edge style. Use shag to turn a casual family room or den into a quiet retreat.

Level loop
Commercial Level Loop Pile - Almost every commercial facility in America has at least some level loop pile carpet. Great for heavy commercial foot traffic, this style may also be a smart choice for bonus and play rooms.

Sophisticated Pattern - A unique look in the industry, these carpets are usually made from loops and cut piles of varying heights. More and more of these products are becoming available in popular patterns such as sculpted leaves, flowers and vines.

Berber Loop
Berber Loop Pile - This distinction is given to any loop pile construction yarn in either nylon or olefin. Air entangled, they come in solids, heathers, multitones, flecks, and patterns. They're extremely popular right now, but shop carefully. They're not always as durable as some people think. The key to its durability is the density of the loops and the denier (diameter) of the fabric.



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