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Home Cleaning Tips

One thing I learned about dirt from 12 years cleaning home; it can be more stubborn than a Missouri mule with a sting worse than a Minnesota mosquito. One refuses to budge, the other surrenders but not without a pint of blood. \r\n\r\nSome of my tips come from treasured friends (thank you Ardi J) others the hard way. The rest come from the stubborn Missouri mule in me refusing to succumb to a four letter word - dirt..

Floor Care: Terry cloth towels not only clean an average floor in under 5 minutes but they save you hundreds of dollars each year buying mop replacements. Using Mary Moppins Cleaning System #1719 extend the handle to your height to eliminate back aches when you clean. For linoleum floors add one capfull of Bio Ox to a gallon of water. Dampen a heavy towel and clean the floor. No need to rinse. For any kind of stone floor including marble, tile, granite and slate: dampen a terry towel in very hot water only. Detergents of any kind will damage stone floors making them very difficult to clean in the future. Harwood and laminated floors: dampen a terry towel in 1/4 cup white vinegar per gallon of water. 1/3 cup if your water is hard. Dampen a towel and wring out all the excess water. Caution: Do not use microfiber mops, or wet Swiffer type mops on wood, laminated or marble floors. They damage the sealants on those floors. Laminated floors cannot be refinished. They must be replaced.

The talc in bar soap causes the soap scum on shower walls. Switch to liquid soap or glycerine soap to eliminate the buildup. Clean your shower once a week with my Bio Ox. Then forget about the expensive, time consuming daily sprays. Apply a bit of Advantage to your shower walls and glass doors. Advantage coats the surface helping to prevent water spots and speed weekly cleaning.

To speed cleaning toilets, back the water out of your toilet. First remove any water stains with my Stain Eraser. The Stain Eraser works quickly to remove stains in tile grout. It also removes water marks in toilets without scratching the toilet like pumice stones. Once clean, wipe my Advantage around the inside of the bowl. Advantage makes surfaces slick. Do I really need to tell you the benefits of having a slick surface in a toilet bowl? Oh the cleaning is now hassle free.

Use my Dry Sponge to quicly remove dog or cat hair from furniture. Along with removing hair, it also picks up surface dust and dirt from fabric furniture. It works wonderfully on fabric, pleated window shades as well. For young children and pets who sometimes have accidents on the furniture, purchase a plastic tablecloth. Place that fuzzy side up with a bath towel on top. If an accident does happen, the towel catches the urine and the tablecloth prevents it from soaking into the furniture. Keeping a body size bath towel or colorful throw blanket on fabric furniture reduces dirt as well as wear and tear on the furniture. It’s so much easier and far less expensive to machine wash a towel than to have your furniture professionally cleaned.

Tile floors can only be cleaned using hot water only. Any kind of detergent will damage the tiles. My Stain Eraser does a fast job removing stains from tile grout. Because it is a dry formula it is safe to use on any color grout. Once stains have been removed, head to a hardware store for a bottle of 5 year grout sealant. Then purchase a plastic travel size bottle from the drug store. One that has a pointed tip. Prick the tip with a needle several times, or very carefully cut off just a small portion of the tip. Pour the grout sealer in the bottle and apply to the grout. Apply it genererously. Wait 3 to 4 days and repeat then wait 3 to 4 days. Now pour a bit of water on the grout. If it stays on top, then your grout is sealed, if not apply one more layer of sealer.

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