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Stain Removal Guide

Stain Removal Guide

General Guidelines for Stain Removal

The basic rule for stain removal: Give Your Product Time to Work. Apply the cleaner and allow it to set undisturbed for at least 15 minutes. Silk, wool including wool carpet, linen and Persian carpets can be exceptions. Always read and follow manufacturer recommendations when removing stains from these fabrics. It’s best to let a professional clean these fabrics.

Clean a spill immediately. The longer a stain sets the more stubborn it becomes to remove. Use a clean white rag to remove a stain. The color from the rag could transfer to the fabric or surface you are cleaning. Apply the cleaner to the rag and blot on the stain. Then wait 15 to 30 minutes giving the cleaner time to dissolve the stain.

When working with fabrics always blot never rub. Rubbing breaks down the fibers and weakens the material. After 15 minutes, blot to remove the stain. Reapply the cleaner rather than attempting to rub out the stain. Move the rag after each time you blot to prevent spreading the stain.

How to Blot
The best way to blot to remove a stain: Punch your index knuckle into a barely damp rag. Work your knuckle forwards and backwards then left to right across the stain. If you are working in carpet then twist your wrist in a clockwise direction. Carpet fibers are twisted clockwise. This motion removes stains from between the fibers without causing the carpet to fuzz.

After removing the stain rinse with a vinegar and water (1/4 cup per quart of water) followed by plain water. Use cool water to treat a stain. Heat of any kind generally sets a stain.

Wash the garment after removing the stain then air dry. Dryer heat permanently sets the stain if the stain is not entirely removed.

Note: The guidelines here may not apply to every fabric or surface. Before using a cleaner on any fabric or surface, test an inconspicuous spot first for colorfastness.

Special Considerations
Leather and suede jackets and clothing should be professionally treated.

Persian rugs, wool rugs and wool carpet require the care of a professional. See hard surface flooring for stain removal for carpet and flooring including wood floors. Wood treatment in this section refers only to wood furniture.

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