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RV Cleaning

RV Cleaning

1 - You probably already know washing your RV in the evening out of the sun helps prevent water spots. Add ½ cup regular vinegar to your wash bucket. Vinegar neutralizes the alkaline in water preventing the spots from forming. Use only soft cotton like my Sof Wash to wash your RV. Cotton is recommended by many of the siding manufacturers because it won’t scratch like most brushes. It is necessary to dry your RV quickly so water spots don’t form. Start with my EZE Squeegee to pull most of the water off the side. There are no metal parts so it won’t scratch like window squeegees. Then follow up with a dry towel over the Mary Moppins Cleaning Head #1714. The fiberglass extension handle allows you to reach those tall areas without a ladder. Then use the Cleaning Head to apply Advantage, clean awnings, remove black streaks or damp mop floors!

2- Use my Bio Ox diluted 50/50 with water to remove oil and grease from the side of your RV. Apply with a light cloth and wait 15 minutes. Then buff to remove the oil. Reapply if needed

3- Most important, keep your RV protected with Advantage. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to sell. Advantage removes oxidation, (it will not remove yellowing on fiberglass, nothing will do that, but it will prevent any further deterioration) and black streaks. It restores the shine and prevents UV ray damage. BEST of all most BUGS dont’ stick to the front of your RV. If you have traveled through Eastern Oregon during the summer and the flying grasshoppers did stick, they wipe right off with a damp cloth.

4- Put just a bit of Advantage on the windshield, when it is cool outside to coat the glass. Bugs, dirt and grime slide right off. Don’t use too much of the Advantage or your windshields will smear.

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