Six Tips for Bringing Summer into Your Home all Year Round

(ARA) - Summer is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated season as people look forward to warmer temperatures, melting snow, budding trees and longer days. If summer isn’t coming fast enough for you, or if you’d like it to seem like summer every day in your house, here are some ways to bring the fresh feel of the season indoors all year long.

* Use bright, cheery colors. Think of the colors of summer: robin’s egg blue, sunny yellow, all shades of green.

* Use nature in your decorating. Living plants add an extra dimension to a room. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider some of the lifelike artificial plants that are available to give your room nature’s touch. Look for unusual and colorful pots for your plants, or consider a terrarium or a birdcage as a showcase for your greenery.

* Bring the outdoors in. Wicker doesn’t have to be relegated to the porch, patio or deck. Try mixing some casual outdoor furniture into your décor. Top a bird bath with a round piece of glass for an eclectic end table, for example.

* Lighten up your rooms by removing heavy curtains and rugs. Try sheer curtains to let the sun in and sisal rugs for a more relaxed atmosphere.

* Treat your nose to the smells of spring, either with bouquets of fresh flowers, or with a pleasing potpourri.

* Transform your room into a springtime paradise by adding a nature mural to one of your walls.

Minnesota-based Environmental Graphics sells a variety of colorful, realistic murals that will add summer to any room. “They’re so realistic, you may even start to smell the flowers and feel the warm breeze,” jokes Todd Imholte, company president.

For example, the Florida Room mural sets a serene, peaceful mood with lush green foliage; the Hawaiian Sunset mural features palm trees blowing in the gentle island wind at sunset; and Cinnamon Bay puts you in an idyllic blue bay with white sand beaches underfoot and fluffy skies overhead. “Murals transform a room in a way artwork or wallpaper cannot,” says Imholte.

EGI, known in the decorating industry for its highly detailed photographic and painted murals, offers more than 20 to choose from, all affordably priced at less than $140. Each mural is approximately 8 feet, 8 inches tall and 13 feet wide. They are printed on high-quality paper and come with specially formulated paste, making them easy to install and easy to remove without damaging wall surfaces. The murals are applied to the wall much like wallpaper, by following the easy instructions.

“A mural can transform a room into whatever you want it to be, from a haven for daydreaming to a peaceful place to gather and reflect on the day’s events,” says Imholte.

For a full-color brochure of the murals, call EGI at (888) 205-0914. To purchase a wall mural, visit your local Home Depot store or check them out online at

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