Marketing Tips



Why Internet marketing is more effective than word-of-mouth - How to use the internet to get more clients.

The Number One Reason For a Web Presence - Why you should use a web site to boost your business.

Consumers Turn to Web For Home-Project Help - How consumers are using the web to find home improvement service providers.

Eleven Ways To Find Customers - Respirces to find more customers.

Internet Marketing for Local Small Businesses -Resources to be used to attract people to your local small business.

How to get free publicity for your business - How to use press releases to get more publicity.

Why Business Development is Vital to Your Success - Running a business is more than technical knowledge.

10 Effective Ways to Boost Banner Click-through - Banner advertising is one of the most widely used marketing medium on the Internet. Though banner click-throughs have decreased to less than 1.0% in the past year, it is still possible to achieve reasonably good click-through of 3.0% and above.

29 Ways to Promote Your Business and Your Website - Provides a comprehensive checklist of 27 promotional techniques to build traffic to a business website, with links to sources with further information, including advertising, search engine stratagies, META tags, reciprocal links, PPC buys, e-zines, newsletters, PR public relations, and e-mail marketing.


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