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What To Do With A Lamp! - Lamps add light, d้cor and style to any room in your home.

Seeing the Light - "Light has illuminated the path of humanity" – While Einstein was probably referring to one of his mind-blowing theories, lighting has also revolutionized the home.

In The Mood - Creating a Designer Home With Lighting

Installing Coaxial TV Cable  - It sure would be nice to have cable TV in that spare
bedroom you've converted into an office.

Adding a Telephone Extension - Pity the poor phone line. Few things have had to pick up the slack to take us into the information age like telecommunications.

Replacing a Doorbell  -  "Ding dong." If your doorbell is sounding a little sick these days ... or, worse, not sounding at all ... the simplest solution may be to install an entirely new unit. Here's how to install it.

Installing a Programmable Thermostat  -

Troubleshooting Your Thermostat -

Installing a Cable TV Jack  - You've probably seen cable-TV installations where the bare coaxial cable simply enters a room via a crude hole drilled through the floor or a baseboard (maybe you've seen them in your own house!).

Installing a Ceiling Fan  - A ceiling fan will do more than just give your air conditioner a break in the heat of summer - it'll also take a load off your furnace in winter by recirculating heated air that rises to the ceiling.

Track Lighting  - A track system is the most versatile of all ceiling fixtures.

Recessed Lighting -

Under-Cabinet Lighting -

Installing Low-Voltage Lighting  - Low-voltage landscape lights — those that are 12-volt AC — literally are a snap to install. The lighting parts snap together, and the connectors snap into place. The cable looks like a lamp cord.

Installing a New GFCI - What's a GFCI and why do you need one?

Replacing a Wall Switch  - A standard wall switch – technically, a single-pole switch – is a snap to replace.

Installing a Three-Way Switch - Three-way switches can be a little confusing because, unlike a standard switch, they have three screw terminals and do not have ON-OFF markings.

Installing a Dimmer Switch - A dimmer switch is one of life's little conveniences that, once installed, you wonder how you ever got along without!

Installing Specialty Switches - If you thought dimmers were about as fancy as switches could get, think again.

Testing a Receptacle for Power - There are lots of times when you'll want to test a receptacle for power --sometimes to make sure that there's really power present, but more often to make sure that there's not!

Testing a Light Socket  - A light's out and you've already determined that a burned-out bulb isn't the culprit.

Why Wire Well? - Part 2 -

Why Wire Well? - Even if you don't operate a business from your home, plan some space for a computer center.

Choosing Receptacles - In most homes, there are a wide variety of receptacle types.

Selecting Specialty Switches - Of the many available switches built to suit special needs, the ones discussed here are some of the most common.



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