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How To Make Money With Garage Sales - Drive through almost any neighborhood in any city or town on a weekend, and you're sure to see garage sales scattered throughout.

Garage Sale - A successful garage or yard sale doesn't just happen. Following these steps will make your sale painless and profitable.

Packing  - There's more to moving than just throwing things in boxes. These pointers will help you make sure everything gets to your destination intact.

Pre-Move Checklist - Use this calendar to keep your move on the right track.

Pre-Move Checklist - Part 2 - The Week of Your Move.

Moving Appliances - Here's how to safely move your washer, dryer, range, refrigerator, or dishwasher -- whether across the room or across the country.

Moving Appliances - Part 2 -

Moving Plants - It's not easy being green. Here's how to help your plants survive the move.

Moving with Kids - A move is an event filled with both excitement and stress -- especially for children. These tips can help smooth the way for the whole family.

Moving with Kids - Part 2 -

Moving Your Pets - These simple steps can make the move smoother for your favorite feline or canine companion.

Your Mail - Figuring out your mail when you're moving can become a tricky business. The following questions and answers will explain the mail forwarding process and help you plan when to do what.

On Moving Day - This list will help you keep order amidst chaos.

Settling In - These tips can help make your new house feel like home -- only better.

Survival Kit - Having this survival kit on hand will prevent emergency trips to the store and frantic shuffling through boxes at your destination.

Unpacking - Feel at home right away with these tips for settling in at your new residence.

Make Your Move  -

Choosing a Mover - Should you hire movers or do it yourself?


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