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Sponging On - Sponging on is the technique of applying different color paints to a uniform-color base coat.

There Is Always Something To Improve Or Innovate For Comfort - In this fast moving world of the 21st century, we are always forced to do everything in a rush, even eating and sleeping.

Combing  - This project is best done with two people. One person paints the top coat on while the other person drags the comb through the paint to reveal the base coat underneath.

Crackling -

Freehand Painted Tiles - While a stenciled-tile technique will produce a neat, uniform look, tiles painted with your design will look freeform and arty.

Granite Finish - This technique is perfect for wood furniture and accessories

Leaf Stamping - Forget ready-made stamps when what you need is lying in the front yard.

Marbling  - The following instructions will help you achieve a black marble finish.

Ragging  - Ragging is just as easy as sponging, but can give your wall a more subtle, sophisticated look.

Sponging - Sponging is a quick way to add texture and color to a wall. Be sure to use a new sponge for each color you add.

Stenciled Tiles - The following instructions will help you stencil individual tiles, but you can use the same technique to stencil other ceramic items, such as mugs and plates.

Striping - Whether you want formal, tailored stripes, or fun, funky stripes, low-tack painter's tape makes striping your walls easy.

Tone-on-Tone Comb Painting - Comb painting lends a subtle, textured look to walls, cabinets, even furnishings. It's one decorative painting technique that anyone can do well.

Verdigris  - Layers of paint and a dash of bronzing powder will give your piece the look of aged copper.

Wall Stenciling - With the wide variety of stencils available, you're sure to find a design that suits your style.

Expert Advice: Cleaning Paint Brushes - Painting expert Brian Santos reveals his special method for cleaning paint tools. Read more in his new book, "Painting Secrets."

Expert Advice: Painting Wallcoverings - Painting expert Brian Santos warns about painting over wallpaper. Read more in his new book, "Painting Secrets."

Decorative Painting Primer - You've seen them everywhere -- walls that come alive with subtle texture and color. Now you can create the same finishes in your home with this guide on popular decorative painting techniques.

Decorative Painting Primer - Part 2 -

Decorative Painting Primer - Part 3 -

Decorative Painting Primer - Part 4 -

Decorating Tips from Debbie Travis - Home decorating expert and mom Debbie Travis is host of the reality TV show, Debbie Travis' Facelift, and author of five decorating books, including Debbie Travis' Painted House Kids' Rooms.

Decorating Tips from Debbie Travis - Part 2 -

Decorating Tips from Debbie Travis - Part 3 -

Focal-Point Walls - These painting techniques help you create focus exactly where you want.

Focal-Point Walls - Part 2 -

In a Glaze  - Here's how to create some of today's hottest wall finishes.

In a Glaze - Part 2 -

In a Glaze - Part 3 -

Stenciling Away - Add life to any room in a few easy steps.

Stenciling Away - Part 2 -

The Write Stuff - Wall writing is nothing new, and using it as a form of home decor has become more popular than ever. Whether you have a favorite quote, a poem, or a meaningful message to add to your walls, it is a simple way to decorate your home.

The Write Stuff - Part 2 -

The Write Stuff - Part 3 -

Decorative Painting Essentials - Here are a few helpful hints and a handy list of the first supplies you'll need to get started in decorative painting.

Choosing the Right Brush - With all the different kinds of brushes, you may "bristle" with confusion. Our guide tells you how to choose the right brush for your painting

Choosing the Right Brush - Part 2 -



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