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Replacing a Stair Railing - Sturdy railings prevent deck mishaps -- and your local code probably requires them if your deck is elevated more than one step above the ground.

Senior-Friendly Homes - Making your home accessible for seniors is easier than you might think.

Soundproofing Rooms - Here are some key tips to the best way to soundproof walls

Whole House Remodeling: Steps and Costs - Remodeling a whole house is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced homeowner. But a top-to-bottom remodel is sometimes a better option than building new. Here's what to expect.

Whole House Remodeling: Steps and Costs - Part 2 -

Whole House Remodeling: Steps and Costs - Part 3 -

Whole House Remodeling: Steps and Costs - Part 4 -

Slate Kitchen Counters - Read this before you consider installing slate countertops.

The Remodeling Process - Part 2 -

The Remodeling Process - Remodeling is a big event, whether it's a room or your whole house, and most projects require similar steps. This outline will help you be prepared.

Remodeling 101 - No two remodeling projects are alike, but here's a broad look at what to expect during each phase. Two words will see you through: patience and planning.

Remodeling 101 - Part 2 -

Load-Bearing Walls - Read these words of wisdom before you start to move a load-bearing wall.



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