Technical Tips



Foundations - How to build Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations.

Lumber - Most softwood lumber is used for home building and remodeling, and lumber is the primary material used in new homes.

How to start your own day care center - Tips on how to operate a day care center.

How to start your own carpet cleaning business - Tips on how to operate a carpet cleaning service.

Cleaning procedures that will help save time - Tips on house cleaning.

When you can't stand the heat, count to eleven - How to match your company's procedures with the customers needs.

It pays to speak your mind when safety is at stake - Make safety your company's policy.

Electrical safety - Safety Tips on electrical services.

Carpenters - Working conditions, job outlook, employment and training for carpenters.

Mildew - Find the moisture source first - How to get rid of mildew.

Scary stories from the attic - Ice Dams, Black Mold, Insulation Failure and the need for proper attic ventilation.

How to handle a leaky roof - Tips to extend the life of your single-ply roof.

Roof Management - During your normal roof inspection, look for signs of material degradation caused by chemicals spilled or vented onto the roof, as well as for signs of ponding water and vegetation growth, which are all signs of an unhealthy roof.

Modified Bitumen Roofing - What is and how to work with bitumen roofing.

Built-Up Roofing system - What is and how to work with built-up roofing.

Safety in Construction - Articles and tips about Safety in Construction.


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